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You Scream, I Scream: NaPo!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re here again at our favourite time of year: NaPo! All through April I’ll be joining you in the delicious pursuit of 30 poems! One for every day of the month,...

Featured Poem 4/1 – “Vespers” 4

Featured Poem 4/1 – “Vespers”

Vespers by Louise Glück   In your extended absence, you permit me use of earth, anticipating some return on investment. I must report failure in my assignment, principally regarding the tomato plants. I think I...


I’ll Interrobang You!

 !?!?!? You wouldn’t think people need punctuation in poetry, in fact most people seem to ignore it completely – except for the capitalisation of every line (what’s with that?! [That interrobang is for you...