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Sunday Serial: Poppy McJay #2 0

Sunday Serial: Poppy McJay #2

Jacob Tenner tossed his jacket over the newel post in the hallway and ducked in to the lounge to check if his parents were home. The television was blissfully silent and the light shadow...

Sunday Serial: Poppy McJay #1 2

Sunday Serial: Poppy McJay #1

Welcome to the very first Sunday Serial! From this week onward you’ll be getting a weekly update of several serial stories. Beginning with the romance of Poppy McJay!   Poppy McJay Poppy McJay doesn’t...

Fiction Focus- The Love Triangle 7

Fiction Focus- The Love Triangle

  Ah, the humble love triangle. The mainstay of young adult writers, the bane of many a plain, boring teenage girl as she contemplates the two hilariously good-looking boys staring down at her. It’s...