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Challenge Corner #11 – Keys 0

Challenge Corner #11 – Keys

Hey everybody! I hope you’re all having a good day. It was blazingly sunny here a couple of days ago, which was awesome, but as a result I spent the whole day doing very...

Challenge Corner #10 – One, Two, Three 0

Challenge Corner #10 – One, Two, Three

This Sunday just past, I was checking on Writing Gooder (trying to remember whether I’d already written a draft of this week’s post – uni does funny things to my memory sometimes), when I...

Challenge Corner #9 – Car Boot 3

Challenge Corner #9 – Car Boot

Hello again, everyone! Apologies for the break in schedule last week – the shark of university leapt up out of the ocean a bit more suddenly than I was expecting, but we’re back to...

Challenge Corner #6 – Cabbages 5

Challenge Corner #6 – Cabbages

Greetings! I hope you’re all doing well – and writing well. But if you’re suffering an inspiration dry spell, fear not! I have another challenge prepared, for whomsoever should require it.

Challenge Corner #5 – Love 0

Challenge Corner #5 – Love

What’s that? Cadi‘s written a thing about love? That’s out of character! That’s right! We’re at least a month off from that Valentine’s Day thing, and I’m the last person you’d expect to be...

Challenge Corner #4 – Chocolate 4

Challenge Corner #4 – Chocolate

Hello again, Challengers! I hope you had a good time playing with Cerberus last time. There’s been radio silence in the comments section so far, but Challenge Corner doesn’t believe in deadlines, so I...

Challenge Corner #3 – Cerberus 2

Challenge Corner #3 – Cerberus

Hello, hello again! Before I begin, let me take a moment to congratulate niteowl and wherethewindgoes for defeating last week’s beast! Now, if you’ve been paying attention to Writing Gooder for the last couple...

Challenge Corner #2 – Immortality 11

Challenge Corner #2 – Immortality

Welcome back to Challenge Corner! Did you have fun with last week’s challenge? Quite a few of you have been sharing links! Quadruple bonus points and eternal admiration are due to Hannah, niteowl, Ary...