The Great YWS Design Contest

If you’ve been around YWS for a while, you may recall what was once the YWS store. Just one look at the merchandise gathering dust in that cafepress makes it obvious that our designs are in need of an update! That’s where you, oh talented member of YWS, come in.

The moderator team is currently running a design contest in order to find the greatest, coolest, most creatively awesome design by a member of this site that we can put on our t-shirts, mugs, bookmarks, mousepads, and everything in sight! What we’re looking for is simple: designs that reflect YWS and/or writing in general. The specifications are explained in more detail on the contest page, but really all you need is an interest in design (or Photoshop or Paint or a chisel and a slab of granite) and a love for YWS! Any and all levels of experience are encouraged to try your hand at it, and we can’t wait to see all the awesome stuff you guys can do!

But Lauren, whoever will be choosing the winner of this lovely contest?

Good question! After all the entries are in, we’ll be holding a site-wide vote on the submitted designs. That way, the members of YWS themselves will be choosing what they want on their t-shirts and other merchandise in the store. How awesome is that?! And not only are we looking for one design, but two. We want a new t-shirt design, and a separate design altogether for other merchandise like mugs and mouse-pads and etc.

The deadline for the contest is April 3, 2013 so if you’re working on something, get it in! And if you haven’t started quite yet, well get to it! We want to see what everyone has to offer!

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