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Word of the Week #18 2

Word of the Week #18

Audrey whelved Peter’s love-letters in her sock drawer and promised herself she would never look at them again.   whelve (verb)  [WELV] 1. To bury something deep; to hide.

Fiction Focus- The Love Triangle 7

Fiction Focus- The Love Triangle

  Ah, the humble love triangle. The mainstay of young adult writers, the bane of many a plain, boring teenage girl as she contemplates the two hilariously good-looking boys staring down at her. It’s...

Word of the Week #17 0

Word of the Week #17

Larissa’s black gown made her look rather eldritch.   eldritch (adj.) /ˈɛldrɪtʃ/   1. unearthly, alien, supernatural, weird, spooky, eerie

The Cassandra Clare Instruments 2

The Cassandra Clare Instruments

Up and coming into the movie scene is yet another YA novel-based film. “C’mon, we’re already tired of all those Twilight riff-offs!” Oh, no, no, NO! Believe me, you will like this one. Why?...