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Word of the Week #47 0

Word of the Week #47

The walls were covered in quivers, arrows, and framed pictures of Legolas–all clues that their mysterious benefactor was a toxophilite. toxophilite (noun) [tok-SOH-fi-lait] 1. A devotee of archery, an archery enthusiast, an archery lover.

Word of the Week #46 0

Word of the Week #46

Bill’s bumptious date completely dominated the dinner conversation with unlikely anecdotes about his years as an MI5 agent. bumptious (adjective)  1. Offensively assertive, obnoxiously pushy, arrogantly forward.  

Quote of the Week #46 0

Quote of the Week #46

“Whenever you’re furious with your parents or you think they’re terrible, just remember: you vomited on them, and they kept you.” -John Green

Word of the Week #45 0

Word of the Week #45

When I lost my job, she didn’t say anything, just pulled me into a cwtch that smelled of strawberries and her vanilla perfume, and made everything seem so much more bearable. cwtch (noun)  [KU-tch]...