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Word of the Week #65 0

Word of the Week #65

Hugh announced his wife with such fanfaronade that she ran back to her room and refused to come out for the rest of the evening. fanfaronade (noun) 1. Verbal fanfare, vain boasting.

Word of the Week #64 0

Word of the Week #64

The one day he was late, Sam’s tutor gave him a pecksniffian lecture about tardiness, even though she had never turned up to their meetings on time.  pecksniffian (adjective)  1. Hypocritical, sanctimonious, pretentious and...

Quote of the Week #63 0

Quote of the Week #63

“As a reader, I don’t feel a story has an obligation to make me happy. I want stories to show me a bigger world than the one I know.”  -John Green

Word of the Week #63 0

Word of the Week #63

To try and explain his date’s absence, Patrick came up with a cockamamie tale about aliens and dogs with no noses.  cockamamie (adjective)  1. Absurd, foolish, outlandish, implausible, crazy, unrelated to reality.

Creative Catastrophe- P 0

Creative Catastrophe- P

Population Peering. This week go and People Watch, because sometimes you find the craziest inspiration while watching people who don’t realize they’re being watched. Use that inspiration to write a story or a poem...

Word of the Week #61 0

Word of the Week #61

There were many arborescent cracks in the pavement.  arborescent (adjective)  1. Like a tree, resembling a tree, having many branches.