We Made It



It is the end and we made it – congratulations!

It’s been a pretty long month for me, and I’m sure it’s been just as long for you all. I apologise for the missing post last week, I think my poems gobbled me up and my post along the way. It certainly feels like I’ve been a bit chewed up in the process of writing all of these poems.


I think it’s pretty important for us all to remember that writing any poems is an achievement – I’m always glad I can get a line down, let alone an entire poem. If you wrote 30 poems, congratulations, you met the NaPo challenge and you slayed it, you’re basically Buffy for poetry. You might be like me and just snuck in with a couple extra poems under your belt, and in your hair and hiding in a filling (two line poems, aw yeah). If you didn’t complete the 30 – don’t worry! NaPo isn’t a competition and there aren’t any prizes at the end so everyone gets to feel the mutual self-appreciation of “I wrote poems!”.


Next month might be a month of editing for me, it hasn’t been the best NaPo I’ve ever had (conveniently, I mis-remember the several years I did less than ten poems and then slept forever). Personally, I have a lot of poems which may or may not be about trees, broken hearts and kittens. Nothing wrong with kittens, of course, but those broken hearts might need some tape. For now though I’m going to sink into the knowledge that I’m a poet, and you’re all poets, and well, we done did writ some poams. And that’s good enough for me.


Tell me how you went, did you meet the 30 and did you enjoy doing so? Or was it a bad NaPo and you’re dreading the editing to come? Also, did you have a theme? (Kittens!)

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  1. Heather says:

    I think I gave up around number 22 because I hit an insanely busy week. I did scribble down a couple more ideas past that point but nothing which made it to the ‘oh look, I’m a poem!’ stage.

    However, it was a good month for me all in all. I came away with at least five poems I was pleased with and that’s more than I’ve managed the rest of the year so far.

    I think I’ll hold off on the editing for now – I’m feeling the urge to return to my novel.

    Well done everyone!

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