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Your Top 10 Favorite Writing Memes

If you haven’t already, you really should subscribe to the YWS Facebook Page.  We’ll post items of interest there in addition to memes and other funny images. In fact, over the more than 3...


How to protect your work online

One of the questions I receive most often from members of the Young Writers Society is how do you protect your work online? It’s a common concern, and unfortunately there’s no simple way to...


Welcome To The New Writing Gooder

Have you noticed how Writing Gooder has a new theme now? It’s called Hueman, and it’s the perfect theme to highlight a new and refreshed Writing Gooder going forward. We have now an almost...

Word of the Week #48 0

Word of the Week #48

Tina was such a gobemouche, she truly believed that Han shot first. gobemouche (noun) [go-be-MUSH] 1. A very gullible person who believes everything he or she hears, no matter how absurd.