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Word of the Week #58 0

Word of the Week #58

It is this kakistocracy that is responsible for the potholes in the roads and the over-priced sliced bread.  kakistocracy (noun)  1. Government by the worst, least competent individuals.


Creative Catastrophe- K

Koalas!! Adorable little fuzzy animals from Australia that climb trees and… However, this week’s challenge is not just Koalas; it’s Killer Kissable Koalas. Now, my koala introduction might seem a little bit misleading, because...


Creative Catastrophe- J

J is for Joy, and for Janitors. And for Joyful Janitors, this week’s challenge. Write out ten things to be joyful about, or ten reasons to be happy. The catch, attach your pen or...


The Novel Approach – Originality

I’ve talked about archetypes and how to avoid clichés in the dark romantic parts of the fiction world. As writers we struggle with one huge concept that’s incredibly important: originality. We soon come to...


Creative Catastrophe- I

This week’s challenge is Isolated I, and to complete it you need to find a room (preferably a closet) and completely isolate yourself. Make sure you have enough time to complete the challenge without...