Tumblr for Writers: Research & Advice

Tumblr is great for cat gifs and SuperWhoLock crossover fanart, but with endless hours (don’t even pretend, “just a few more posts” at ten o’clock always turns into that bleary-eyed realization at 3am that you’re not getting any sleep tonight) we spend scrolling through it we writers ought to at least try to make it do some work for us. Luckily, it’s not even that hard.

There are countless resources for writers in the Tumblrsphere. From research to writing tips to prompts and character advice and agent query critiques, you can find anything you could ever think of to benefit your writing and writing life. In this series of posts, I’m going to point out a few of my favorite writing Tumblrs, and all are encouraged to share their own favorites in the comments.

Tumblr for Research & Advice

1. How to Fight Write

This blog is simply wonderful. The description says it all: “A third degree Black Belt and Eagle Scout share their tips to help authors create realistic fight scenes and characters.” If you ever have a question about weapons or fighting, from swordplay to gun fights to duking it out with your fists, these guys have it covered. This isn’t necessarily applicable to every author, but it’s super helpful for those interested in creating realistic conflict between their characters.

2. F*** Yeah Character Development

Another awesome advice blog that’s “a hub for information dealing with character creation, development, and writing.” It’s a significantly reader-developed blog where anyone can submit information and advice on character development and writing in general, but the mod staff also frequently answers reader questions.  A catch-all blog with helpful information for any writer.

3. Fix Your Writing Habits

Like F*** Yeah Character Development, Fix Your Writing Habits is a catch-all blog of writing advice, tips, and articles that anyone can find use for. It’s one of those blogs that results in really interesting posts showing up on your dash to provide inspiration when you least expect it. It’s “a tumblr to encourage the writer in everyone, sometimes accompanied by a whole lot of swearing.” and that’s something every writer needs in their life.

4. YWS Gazette

And of course, who can forget the YWS Gazette. Run by our very own Young Writers Society, the YWS Gazette is a hub for all things writerly. While research or advice isn’t the main focus, that and more will be coming across your dash thanks to the YWS Gazette. Plus every writer can use a fair share of things of writerly interest during their Tumblr browsing.

Those are my top 4 Tumblrs for Research and Advice, but if you follow any other blogs like these let us know in the comments! And keep your eyes peeled, because in the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more of my favorite Tumblrs for prompts, literary magazines, industry connections, and more.

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