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Featured Club: Queer Inklings 0

Featured Club: Queer Inklings

Some of you, especially older members, may recall The Gay Writers and Support Group. It’s been around for a long time, predating the Clubs section, with humble beginnings as a usergroup. Recently, they’ve changed...

Featured Club: 100 Themes Challenge 1

Featured Club: 100 Themes Challenge

If you thought Wheel of Prompts didn’t provide enough of a challenge, this week’s feature is sure to please. 100 Themes Challenge is a club devoted to get you producing something creative not just...

Featured Club: Column Crazy 2

Featured Club: Column Crazy

Most careers in writing involve writing nonfiction. Whether they’re reviews, memoirs, blog entries, biographies, research papers, editorials, or articles, nonfiction is everywhere, and it pays to know how to write nonfiction well.

Featured Club: Wheel of Prompts 0

Featured Club: Wheel of Prompts

Wheel of Prompts is a fairly new club started by Zyphlid. Young as it is, however, the club already provides a nice variety of daily prompts including those based on words, pictures, and music.