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Word of the Week #6 1

Word of the Week #6

Why honey, Rebecca was such a gemutlich child I don’t see how you could possibly dislike her. gemutlich (adj.)  gê-MUT-lik 1. Pleasant, amiable, friendly.

The Great YWS Design Contest 0

The Great YWS Design Contest

If you’ve been around YWS for a while, you may recall what was once the YWS store. Just one look at the merchandise gathering dust in that cafepress makes it obvious that our designs...

The YWS Grand Re-Opening 5

The YWS Grand Re-Opening

There were three reasons to be excited when I woke up this morning: It was the weekend. It was snowing. It was the YWS Grand Re-opening! I must admit, I was at first too preoccupied...

The Official YWS Grand Re-opening Survey! 0

The Official YWS Grand Re-opening Survey!

Hear ye! Hear ye! You know what today is? YES, it’s Wednesday! Oh, no, now wait, NO! Who said that!? Why, yes! It’s the YWS Grand Re-opening! This only means that it’s time to...